Monday 4 November 2013

Work order workflow – See it in action – Part 3

To continue the topic of work order workflow. Part 3 we will see workflow in action.

Below are see the different buttons and menu items under each action. Prior to submitting, while it is in the task element, while it is in the approval element.

When a work order meets the workflow condition for activation. A yellow ribbon appears at the top of the work order forms. A submit button will show.


A task has the following actions. When the clerk has filled in the required information, then they can complete the task.




Approval may have multiple steps or multiple approvers. So, this may cycle through all the approvers.


Automatic task


Automatic task to progress the work order lines to the next status. Set up for the next status is on the Enterprise asset management parameters.

When the work order is progressed through workflow, you will notice there is an Approval status field on the work order table that is update. This will show us what state the workflow is in.

Approval status


Not submitted

Initial status when the work order is not submitted to workflow. All the fields and buttons are enabled.


The status when the submit button is clicked. The work order will be locked for editing and deleting. The action buttons such as the status update, apply template are disabled.

Pending completion

Indicates the task has started and is assigned for completion.

The work order is open for editing to the assigned user. All other users will not be able to edit the record.


Indicates the task is complete. The work order is not editable. The action buttons are also disabled.

Pending approval

The work order is in the approval steps and is assigned. It will remain in this status until all the steps are approved.

The work order is not editable and the action buttons are disabled. To make any changes required at this stage, the work order must be rejected or a change request be made.


When the approver clicks the return action it is changed to this status and assigned to the originator to make changes. The originator must then make the changes and re-submit the work order.

The work order is editable to the originator only which it is assigned to.

Change request

Similar to the Returned status. This is an action clicked by the approver. A dialog will appear where you can assign the change request to a particular user. Then it can be resubmitted for approval.

The work order is editable to the assigned user only.


The final state the work order can go into. It indicates the workflow is complete and approved.

The work order is open for editing and action buttons are enabled.

The re-approval functionality will be triggered when the work order is in the Approved status. If the fields set up to trigger re-approval are modified. Then a confirmation dialog will appear asking the user if they wish to continue editing and submit for re-approval.

Next time we will look at re-approval functionality.

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