Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Create Helpful Filters and Queues

Did you know that you can create list page filters and role center queues based on standard AX queries? These filters can then be selected from the list page for easy reference. Create filters for:
  • Overdue work orders
  • Work orders started but not completed
  • Duplicate PM work orders
 To create a filter or queue first start by creating a filter:

Next save as a filter

Now the filter is available from the list page filter drop down

You can also save the filters as a cue and then add it to your role center page

Here are some helpful queries to get you started

Overdue work order lines
Will return all work orders there the scheduled start date is between 7 and 365 days old and does not have an actual start date.
Work orders started not completed
Will return all work orders that have been started but do not have a completed date that have been open longer than 30 days but less than a year.
Work orders to close out
Shows work orders where the work has been completed within 15 days but the work orders stage has not been moved to closed. Could mean these work orders have not yet been posted.
Proposed work orders  where duplicate work order has been created
These are proposed work orders where more than one real work orders exists to meet the demand.
Proposed work orders that are overdue
These are forecast (proposed) work orders that were scheduled to occur as at a past date and have not been done yet.

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