Thursday, 9 January 2014

Daxeam Version 2.0.2 Released

Preventive Maintenance Compliance Report

A new report has been introduced to measure the compliance of the maintenance organization on preventive maintenance tasks. The report will show the specific details relative to the last completed work order as well as an average deviation calculation for all completed work orders within the date range specified when retrieving the report.

Key Features:

  • PM Compliance average deviation days and percentage relative to interval calculation.
  • Ability to specify the goal percentage in the report dialogue.
  • Ability to specify a date range allowing for comparison reports to be retrieved.
  • Ability to specify a hierarchy selection allowing for a subset of the hierarchy to be retrieved in the report.

Item where used

A new inquiry function has been introduced to assist the maintenance organization with queries such as “Where is this item used in spare parts lists” and “how many of this item have we used in the last six months”.

 Key Features:

  • Visibility of spare parts lists where the item is used.
  • Visibility on how often and where the item was used for work orders including the ability to select specific date ranges for trend analysis.
  • Visibility on where the item was used on work order line templates.

Advanced Work Order Firming from Forecast

The ability has been added to select multiple proposed work orders from the forecast and group them into a single work order. Proposed work :
  • Work order type
  • Engineering asset
  • End engineering asset
  • Period – Date, Week or Month
There is a log button added when basic errors exists. Also, the messages are grouped and organized to be more helpful.

Key Features:

  • Ability to group related records together
  • Better error handling and feedback to the user

Work order report Enhancements

Work order report has been enhanced so that the work order summary page may be excluded when only the detailed work order line information is required.  In conjunction with this change, additional information has been added to the work order line detail pages so that the Asset and structure position assigned to the work order are clearly visible.

Other Improvements

  • Added the Scheduling group and Department to the work order line template. When applying the template these values are defaulted to the work order line.
  • The work order actual start and complete dates has been changed to include both date and time  allowing for a more precise data capture.
  • When registering worker hours the Job is automatically populated from the workers assigned job in the HR module. Note that the job can still be changed after defaulting.
  • The scheduling board has been enhanced to show overdue work orders in the Unscheduled work list. Overdue work is defined as orders that have been scheduled as at a date in the past but have not been started.

 Issues Fixed

  • #14831 DaxeamUtil dll does not compile in RELEASE
  • #13985 Proposed WO Firming - Multiple firming will not display errors if at least one is successful
  • #14856 Dimensions not defaulting on item requirement with multiple activities not working
  • #14836 Department lookup on template import
  • #14835 Change template reference should not change scheduling group or department on the work order line
  • A refresh issue was addressed on the item requirements form when using the <F5> key which caused item requirements to break their link to the work order.

Outstanding Issues

The following outstanding issues exist for this release and will be dealt with in subsequent releases.  There are no critical issues outstanding for this sprint.

  • #14591 Item requirement - Function>Create lines doesn't work (Dynamics AX standard bug)

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